Studio C mural update

Studio C has had their first opening since Daniel Cristini and I painted a mural on the wall leading up to the space. The fact that the gallery has glass doors means the mural is visible, even with the door closed. Check out these shots by Kenneth Locke!

Unusual McDonald's from Hong Kong



Musical artist Sia has some rad cover art for her album "Clap Your Hands"...


Anda Kubis

Recently discovered the work of Toronto artist Anda Kubis (andakubis.ca):

"Matter One" 

I love her colour choices, and the concentrated values. I'm super into amorphous blobs too!


Eleanor King

Eleanor King's work stacking found coffee cups is super interesting. Can't wait to attend her talk at ACAD next Thursday at noon! Eleanor's website: link.
 The work reminded me of a piece I did at the Seafood Market when The Bakery had studios there. Not nearly as many cups, but mine were all from my old coffees, and used as paint cups before they made it into the stack.